Exhibition Guest speaker Playgrounds Festival 2012
  • Expo Max Hattler
  • Expo Max Hattler

Expo Max Hattler

Max Hattler shows recent work in the expo of Gust van Dijk. Max Hattler is a German video artist and experimental filmmaker best known for his kaleidoscopic political short films “Collision” (2005) and "Spin" (2010), abstract stop motion work "AANAATT" (2008), and psychedelic animation loops "Sync", "1923 aka Heaven" and "1925 aka Hell" (2010). He has had solo exhibitions at all over the world. His works have been shown at hundreds of film festivals and won many awards. He also works extensively in the field of audiovisual performance,and has created concert visuals for Basement Jaxx, Diplo, Jovanotti, The Egg, and Ladyscraper. Max Hattler has presented his audiovisual live performances around the world, including Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Dresden and Tokyo. He teaches in London at Goldsmiths and the University of the Arts, Chelsea, and is studying towards a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art (DFA) at the University of East London.

"Max Hattler’s prolific output ranges from kaleidoscopic animations such as the political short film Collision (2005) to the mind-bending mobile app Kaleidobooth. In his performances he uses custom software called the Hattlerizer, which creates textured geometries of hypnotic colours and rhythms controlled by a combination of his own interaction with the software, audio input, and the workings of the ghost in the machine." D-Fuse, 2012

"Max Hattler works on the thin line between abstraction and figuration, being able sometimes to create powerful political statements while eschewing the traditional constraints of narrative, choosing a poetics of implication over the mere construction of a discourse. In that matter, it is interesting to see how he is also able to mix the strategies of artistic practice with the techniques one would associate with the entertainment industry, creating pieces that can work on a variety of (sometimes) conflicting frameworks, from the gallery white cube to the dark walls of a nightclub, performing live in a film festival or spreading his interventions through the web." Hilda Magazine, 2011

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